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imovie 2011

May 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I’m pretty sure almost everyone is excited about summer and making fun plans. Now, being a movie-buff, I’m excited about the movies being released this year. Among those I looked forward to were Fast Five and Limitless – both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way. Still looking forward to seeing The Hangover 2, Immortals and Super 8.

I’m particularly excited about the intense action/superhero movies coming out. From 20th Century Fox – X-Men: First Class (June 3rd). From DC Comics/Warner Bros – Green Lantern (June 17th). From Dream Works Pictures – TF3/Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (July 1st). From Marvel Studios/Disney – Thor: God Of Thunder (May 6th) and Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22nd). And, from Summit Entertainment – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (November 18th).

In anticipation of these movies, I had the Pearl Kreations design team make six designs for five of them (with the exception of TF3) –I’m on the fence for the third Transformers movie installment. The reviews for Transformers 2 (TF2) weren’t very good and it didn’t do it for me either. I’ve seen the newest trailer for TF3 and all I saw was Michael Bay’s trademark – lots of kaboom.

If I do change my mind (which I’m guessing I will), it will be the same Autobot and Decepticon designs used for TF2 in 2009. The X-Men (X-Badge), Edward Cullen and Jacob Black designs are also the same as used for the X-Men Origins and The Twilight Saga: New Moon movies respectively. Just the Captain America (Shield), Green Lantern (Suit Logo) and Thor (Marvel Image) designs are new.

I asked William Turner of willYVerse to make a short promo video to advertise this year’s superhero movie buttons. It was featured in Pearl Kreations’ most recent post (released Wednesday, May 4th) on The SKA Blog along with photos of the button samples. Here’s the link – What do you think?

I think he did an excellent job. It might just become a new, exciting twist to our buttons promo initiatives. There is also a Pearl Kreations advert in the works – I’ll keep you posted on that.

My plan, as I wrote in my black book was for each of them to go on sale approximately a week before their Canada/United States release dates, and off sale a week after their release dates. As usual, they will still be available long after those dates, but probably not at the sale price of $2.00CAD/pin.

Thor ( is out today and I’m definitely going to see it. Only thing is, I don’t know if I’m up to hustling with teenagers/queuing up to see it in the night-time. I’ll probably see one showing sometime in the afternoon (2/3pm-ish) with my button on :D. Get yours too!

inspitories iv: willyverse

May 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

In a time where every youth wants to be, or rather, is struggling to be in the music entertainment industry, one has to wonder: is there talent anymore?
These days, it either about making beats, singing or raping! It is the same thing everywhere you turn! The same sounds and/or wordplay! Save for the few talented ones, this “music-making” syndrome just makes one norm!

That’s why it is always nice to see a youth with a fresh talent/gift who is increasing in creativity by the day. Initially, I thought he just liked taking pictures, mostly in black & white. They were pretty good. His photos were actually pretty nice and bold. Then, there were the “Got Milk?” imitations, which looked pretty authentic, only I knew he wasn’t a model. And of course, the initial photos in the “Focus & Blur” Series on his facebook page…nothing short of genius!

His additional passion for making video clips recently caught my attention. There’s always something new, an added touch, and he seems to be constantly evolving. The first I noticed was his rather disturbing imitation of the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. It was actually pretty interesting and well done. Then I recently watched a couple of his new clips, and now, I like to think of him as the next Hype Williams. After seeing one of his latest works, which is a variation of Kanye West’s “Street Lights”- “Street Lights on BXD”, one would be forced to agree with me. One thing I like the most is, not only are they creative, but very entertaining!

The world is his board; and the camera, his palette & brush. Very few people make photography or even videography an art these days. Allow me to introduce…

William Ukoh

Birth Name
William Ukoh

21 (as of 2010)

Not sure if it’s a talent, but I just try to display what goes on in my head through video.

Art/Business Name
William Turner l Willyverse

Business Profile
Willyverse is a provider of quality images and film. It is the parent company of YV (photography) and WYVE (videography).

I started this
I can’t say exactly, but probably after high school.

I’m driven by
I keep doing it because I enjoy it. Of course I do hope to get major recognition someday, but that isn’t really a driving force for me.
My major inspiration is Good Music & Talent. People like Michael Jackson, Guy Ritchie and Kanye West (specifically 808’s & Heartbreak) inspire me.
I just appreciate major talent in general, and I try to apply the same expression through any video I do.

Past Works/Portfolio
Well, recently concluded one called Lhuna. Others are mostly just fun stuff I put together, but some of the best so far are: Joker (2008), Say You Will (2009), Best I Ever Had (2009), I Need (2009), Street Lights on BXD (2009), Lhuna (2009) and Stand Up For the Champions (2010). Tumblr and Vimeo are good ways to find out more about what I’ve been up to.

Contact me

facebook: William Turner or Willyverse

tumblr: WYVE

vimeo: Will Turner

youtube: William Ukoh