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July 18, 2011 Leave a comment

By God’s grace, since graduating last month, my brain has been bubbling with ideas (brain children) for Sylver Productions, and I have been working my behind off trying to keep up – following the dreams with action! One of such ideas is CollegeTix which I conceived as a practically free platform to assist student groups and student promoters sell tickets for their events and shows conveniently – online! It is going to be one of the services offered by Sylver Productions LLC. I’m happy to announce that with the addition of CollegeTix, the think tank firm is finally going to be fully operational! In case this is your first time hearing about the Sylver Productions, it was first introduced in August, 2010 in think tank.

Anyway, so far we’ve developed CollegeTix™ (formerly, CollegeTicks) and Datlik™ (formerly, EP-Reader™ Initiative), and now, it’s undergoing a revamp to relaunch its services. This redefinition consists of new logos, new products/services and new websites. The company’s new motto/slogan is now The Blade of Innovation™ from The Sword of the Media. This is its new logo:


                                                                                                                                                                                 logo- collegetix_2logo- datlik_2

CollegeTix™: It is an online event hosting and e-ticketing service. It is being built into the premier online promotion and ticket sales platform exclusively for college and university events and programs. Here is a short clip introducing the service.

Datlik™: It is a proofreading service in which our skilled proofreaders check and review electronic documents for grammatical errors, mistakes in punctuation, spelling errors and typos. Any errors are found in either wordage, tenses, punctuation or spelling will be corrected. Some copy-editing issues such as inconsistency may be also be reviewed and corrected.

Another brainchild for Sylver Productions is CityMail, a specialty courier service. For this venture, I will be partnering strategically with Ayo B*. It is still in the developmental stages so I can’t say much about it. I will though, at the right time.

This summer, I’ll be working with Cotta Red Creative Studio to create an interactive website which will make event registration, event hosting, online ticket purchasing and document uploads for filing, printing, proofreading and publishing painless. The new site will be launched in September. Handing the the branding and web functionality is Jae Olaf of Cotta Red – I profiled her under inspitories x.

Apart from starting new things, I’m also finishing things I started, but got distracted from. For one, I’m finally going to complete the new website for The SKA Group. The former ‘under construction’ site has been changed to a rough, blueprint which can be viewed at via this link. I’m also re-branding Pearl Kreations yet again – logo and website. Cotta Red Creative Studio is also handling those projects. The Pearl Kreations, Sylver Productions and The SKA Group projects should all be completed in September, by God’s grace.

I may also soon to be the entrepreneurship/small business columnist for The Weekly World. I’m thinking I might have to lift, mix and match some of my older posts for the first few articles, but they will be obviously more poise and official. Let’s see how all that goes 🙂

inspitories x: cotta red

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

Female entrepreneurs have recently become an interest of mine because I honestly admire their drive and innovation. I recently learned there are more female entrepreneurs than male. I can’t remember the exact ratio, but it was staggering.

Although a number of them go into business because of the unfairness in the corporate world, to support their spouses/families or simply out of necessity; nevertheless, I believe they should be applauded as the effort is still commendable.

First of all, it is tough enough being an entrepreneur. Secondly, they’re young with little or no experience in business. Thirdly, in a world where women earn eighty-three percent (83%) what a man in the same position would, the odds aren’t in favor of women.

That is why those ladies who take the initiative to be independent and self-sufficient, deserve to be celebrated and encouraged. Most of them are in the clothing industry, daycare business, event management, food industry and interior design. Just maybe a handful of them venture into unusual markets like technology and actually establish themselves and stand out!

One of them is Jeti Olafimihan of Cotta Red Creative Studio, a new and innovative company that develops animation, graphics and websites, manages events and involved in some consultation. She’s brilliant and quite the think tank!

Jeti Olafimihan
Founder & CEO
Cotta Red Creative Studio

Birth Name
Jeti Olafimihan

23 (as of 2010)

Creative thinking, design and events management

Art/Business Name
Cotta Red Creative Studio

Business Profile
Cotta Red Creative Studio is a one-stop consulting and full design service company. It is engineered to provide its clients with the best and most feasible solutions to effectively implement and market their ideas, products and/or companies. In a nutshell, Cotta Red Creative Studio is into Multimedia Design (Logos, Business cards, Folders, Stationary, Brochures/ Pamphlets,Posters/Flyers, T Shirts and Memorabilia), Events Management and Creative Thinking (for businesses, products or promos). For more insight into our business, please follow link.

I started this
As a freelancer in 2004 and eventually registered my company in 2009 as JaeOlaf Creative Solutions. I recently rebranded the company into Cotta Red Creative Studio.

I’m driven by
Ambition. The thirst to achieve more or better keeps me going at 110%.
Life is short and thus should be lived to the fullest. The great feeling of fulfillment when one achieves set out goals is a clear example of why ambition is my key ingredient for my passion.

Past Works/Portfolio

Contact me

email: l

facebook: Cotta Red Creative Studio

telephone: +1 (613) 265-5384

twitter: @CottaRed

website: Cotta Red