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March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

My look.

No, I’m not about to talk about my eyes 😛

After my dad passed, I had to grow up and become the man of the house. As part of my transformation, I figured my look had to change to fit the part; so I took it upon to grow up and look responsible in my dressing. After all, “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed” as Dr. David Oyedepo once said during a teaching at Covenant University in 2004.

A couple of friends noticed the change and have commended me on my constant business-like dressing. Even one of my fans – yes, a fan :-p said to me, “It’s not so much your clothes, but how you wear them and knowing that there’s brains behind the outfit that is uber attractive”.

In spring, I’m almost exclusively in a dress shirt, fitted jeans/dress pants and a cardigan. My foot wear is not as fixed – sometimes, I have high-tops on; sometimes, flat soles/taekwondo shoes or just plain sneakers.

In autumn/fall, I’m usually just as I look in spring, just with a blazer added to the look.

In summer, I would like to exclusively be in a dress shirt and a pair of fitted jeans/pants, but most times, I find myself in a nice t-shirt/fitted polo and cargo shorts. My foot wear could be sneakers, sandals, loafers or some nice flip-flops…it really depends on my mood.

In winter, and I mean 0°C and below, sometimes, I’m in a dress shirt, fitted jeans, a cardigan, fitted blazer and an overcoat.
Other times, I’ll be in a t-shirt, boot cut/loose jeans, hoodie and an overcoat. My foot wear could range from sneakers to boots.

Basically, you’ll most likely always meet me dressed this way:

Also, exclusively on/with me:
– a button or lapel pin attached to one or two pieces of clothing.
– a ring: either the carnelian stone or gold. Although, as you might have seen, I’ve become very fond of the gold one lately.
– a watch: always have to have one on; and now I have quite a couple that I have them match my outfits X_X lol. It’s either leather (black, brown or white), silver or stainless steel.
– 3 bracelets: a stainless steel one and two black beaded ones.

The one non-accessory always (24/7/365) with me is my black messenger bag – the Buttoned Messenger Bag!

This bag is also like my trusty sidekick. We go for business meetings, make deliveries, run errands, organize parceling and  make trips together. We have been inseparable right from the beginning in January 2008 to present.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, completes the SKA signature look 😉

are you?

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Shortly after my moment of fame being in the local newspaper and all, I started putting buttons on my hoodies, t-shirts and later, on my School bag. I started with only the National Buttons. I put Nigeria, Canada and flags of countries whose nationals were quite a lot in Hamilton. For example, China, Italy, Kenya, Scotland, Somalia and Sudan.

One day, on my way to school, I boarded a bus and sat down. Since I hardly take my school bad off, the man behind trying to get my attention snapped my bag. I turned around and then he asked me if I was a Nigerian. Puzzled, I said yes and then he smiled. He said the reason he asked was cuz of the Nigeria button on my bag and then I smiled. He asked where I got it. And of course, i told him I made them. He asked how much I sold them. i told him $2.00CAD for the flag buttons. He asked if I had I think 5 or so. As God would have it, I did! Well, I did…including the one on my hoodie and bag respectively. I gave them to him and gave me $10.00CAD. He told me his name and said he was from the Niger-Delta Region; and I told him I was from Lagos. We shook hands and I had to bolt off to School. Because of that day, they’re still on my school bag still date along with some All-Me Buttons which attracts teenagers.

Another day, I sent to my bank to cash a cheque. When I got to the counter, I reached into my bag to get the cheque when the lady at the counter asked if I was Mr. Buttons. I was surprised and I said yes. And she was like wow! Great idea and then told the remaining tellers about me, the buttons and reminder them about the newspaper article. I was so shy and honored lol. Sadly, I didn’t have Switzerland buttons so no sales. I made Switzerland buttons after that, but I haven’t seen the lady since then. And now, even if I did, I wouldn’t recognize her 😦

As business progressed, I got another bag, a black Messenger bag, to use for carrying packages for delivery. 

In the beginning, I had just one or two buttons, but now, it’s packed with so many buttons, it’s ridiculous. I call it my Buttoned Messenger Bag.

Anyway, so I’m on the bus to school and some guy, a student as well, asks if me all the buttons on my bag are countries I have been to, I laughed and said no. He asked what countries they were and I told him. Then he gave me a free one that was like 2 inches. It said something about anti-racism, but it was cool. He didn’t know who I was, but said he would be calling me ‘Mr.Buttons’. What a coincidence! lol!


June 4, 2008 1 comment

I was happy I sucked it up, and paid the $50-$70 for a table at the tiara festival because I got to meet other entrepreneurs and their own creative products. After about 5 passers-by, I decided to write down what my business/buttons on two separate sheets of paper since I was visibly the only one without a flier of some sort to give to people or explain what I was about. After I did that, some people stopped to read what they were about and bought one or a couple of buttons. An old woman bought a Columbia for her best friend. An elderly couple actually planned to buy one for every country they had been to, but unfortunately they did a lot of European trips and then I didn’t have too many European buttons. A lot of sales were from Sudanese people.

Well, as the evening drew in, people reduced. I was thinking of leaving having been there since 9am when a lady walked up to me and told me she loved the idea. She told her she was Suzanne and worked for the Hamilton Spectator. She gave me her jotter and I told me to write all about my buttons, my name, website and everything! I thought I was dreaming lol. I started to write, and then when I thought it was enough, I stopped, returned it to her, and then she in turn gave me her card. Also, the High Commissioner of Lesotho came around, but unfortunately, I didn’t have Lesotho national buttons. I felt so bummed. She asked if I had a card, I didn’t; and then she left. As a sharp guy, I went to ask her if I could have hers and she gave me…cool! Anyways, eventually, I sold about 25 buttons that day, which wasn’t too bad, considering all the publicity and exposure I got.

So a week or so later, Suzanne sent me an email to add a little more to what I wrote- where I’m from, what I want I’m studying and where, when I came to Canada, how I started and a few funny experiences I’ve had since I started. A couple days later, she told me she would be running my story on the May 15th Edition so I needed to do a photo shoot. I could keep anywhere I like or the Photo Studio. I picked to Studio for 12:00pm the next day. She asked me to put on my trad like I did for the tiara festival.

Getting there was a little stressful ‘cos there’s no way in except I’m coming from West Hamilton. But then, I was coming from Downtown. So in the heat, I walked in my trad to the place through Dundurn. Anyways, got there, signed in and security called for her. She came down and together we went to the 4th floor (I think), met with the photographer, took 2 pictures- the one on the paper and another with about 30 buttons in my hands- to symbolize I have the world in my hands. I guess they eventually went for the picture of my and my “trusty” bag.

During the shoot, the photographer Ron (as he told me to call him), kept saying funny stuff and taking hundreds of shots. I wanted to have a straight face and not smile, but he said that was how photo shoots are done. Finally, I left the studio went into the huge office floor to look for Suzanne and thank her. We had a little chat and she asked me a bit about Nigeria, my parents and if I could send her the songs on my website. I did. Altogether, I felt so good, I didn’t even feel the walk from there to Jackson Square!

When the paper came out, I bought 2 copies ‘cos that was all that was left by the time I made it to the newsstand by the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel. A couple of days later, I ran into 3 people who I didn’t know, but who knew me due of the article. They complimented me on the buttons idea, encouraged me and have me tips on good sale spots!

I’m a star in the making, I guess lol!

All glory to God 😀