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November 8, 2014 2 comments

I came to Nigeria a few months ago to explore some business opportunities. During the course of my stay, I’ve met up and run into a few friends; people I’ve managed to keep in touch with all these years. One of those friends, Onyew B*, has been a friend of mine for over thirteen years. During one of our many talks, she told me about an organisation she has working with – Quintessential Business Women Association (QBWA), under the Quintessential Young Leaders (QYL) arm. From what I understood, the aim of QYL is to prepare and train young people for leadership roles in various aspects business. However, the parent group, QBWA, is laser-focused on the development and empowerment of women and young people for business in the agriculture and solid minerals sectors.

I told her my SME Advisory firm, Herança Financial, has clients in that industry, but I’ve never personally cared for business in agriculture. She tried to encourage me to consider it, but I wouldn’t budge. Last week, she invited me to a conference the QYL was organizing in partnership with QBWA and the Federal Ministry and Youth Development in Abuja. I was going to be  Abuja that week, so I accepted.

Friday, November 7th, I found my way to the National Centre for Women Development. It wasn’t hard to find, so I got there at about 8:35am. It was to start at 9:00am.


To my surprise, unlike a couple other events, I had been to in my short time back, it started relatively on time – about 9:30am-ish. It was called White Collar Job In Agric. They meant business lol. Everyone got a lanyard with a participant card, plus a branded pen, folder and notepad. I thought that was quite impressive. 


They had ten speakers, but I could only stay for the opening speech (which Onyew gave) and the first presentation (which I was most interested in) on business in agriculture by a representative from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN). Before the SMEDAN representative began, there was a short charge by Shimite Katung, Founder of QBWA. She was quite electrifying lol. I could tell she’s very passionate about developing people for leadership as well as helping develop highly successful businesses in the Agriculture and Solid Minerals industries.


The presentation was quite informative. I hardly get excited about things, but yesterday, the speaker piqued by interest. QYL hoped for five hundred attendees, but they made about half of that while I was there. To help out, I’ll share what I learnt about QYL and starting/owning a small business in Nigeria’s agriculture sector.

Agriculture is a major branch of any economy, most especially the Nigerian economy. It has the potential to generate employment for up to seventy percent (70%) of the population. Unfortunately, Nigeria relies more on imports than being self-sufficient. Nigeria is at a point where the export of crude oil isn’t going to cut it anymore, and requires its youth to become agro-entrepreneurs.

Nigeria is so richly blessed that each of its thirty-six (36) states has at least two unique agricultural products it can contribute to the economy – for both its populates and for export, but the opportunities aren’t being properly explored. The Nigerian agricultural industry has the raw materials to mass produce and export beef, cassava bran (garri), dairy products, fish, fruits, goat, groundnuts, grass-cutters, poultry, rice, snails, variety of vegetables, and waste-to-work materials.

If you’re wondering, as I was, how successful a business in agricultural produce can be, here are some numbers we were given at the conference: Africa spends thirty billion dollars ($30,000,000,000.00USD) annually on the importation poultry products, and Nigeria spends fifty billion naira (N50,000,000,000NGN) on the importation of fish annually. That’s a lot of money in any currency lol.

With all this potential, there is very little interest because of the stigma attached to agriculture in Nigeria. A lot of young Nigerians think agriculture and farming are synonymous, and they are not interested in being farmers; and there lies the misconception. Agro-entrepreneurs aren’t farmers; they are people who make money from running successful businesses in the agricultural sector. As was pointed out during the conference, there are different avenues available – beef production, cattle raring, fish farming, poultry farming, mechanized farming, development of devices and machinery for farming, frozen foods facilities, logistics and transportation, packaging facilities, and warehousing.

I have a lot on my plate, but I think I wouldn’t mind investing in an agric start up, or partnering up with someone or a group of people looking to take advantage of the opportunities in the Nigerian agricultural industry. Apparently, even the government is giving grants to companies looking to develop quality agricultural products for local consumption and exportation.

Alright, that’s about it. I hope I’ve inspired someone to take a chance. As Sir Richard Branson once said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

made the cover i

October 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Almost two months ago, I mentioned that a former classmate from high school got in contact with me, told me about his plans for a new bimonthly magazine, Deere President, requested to interview me for the premier edition, and asked to me to be the regular contributor on Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship for the magazine.

Deere President was launched and distributed to retail outlets on Monday, October 1st, 2012.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m on the cover! That handsome, young man is yours truly lol.

I was just as shocked as a couple of you may be when he sent me this photo last weekend. It wasn’t our arrangement, and I didn’t request it either. Apparently, there were several cover options to choose from, and after deliberations, my photo was the final pick.

I was initially very uncomfortable with the idea because I love my privacy, but a little publicity never hurt anyone, I hope. Besides, I figured it could be good for business expansion and so on. I know it isn’t Forbes, but it’s a start!

The target market is students and young adults, hence the magazines are mainly being sold in schools. However, orders can be placed and deliveries will be fulfilled via courier. According to him, his primary objective at this time is to continue spreading the word and creating awareness. A copy of the magazine sells in Nigeria for two hundred naira (N200.00).

Find a retailer and buy one or two, I’m sure you won’t be too disappointed. I’m kidding, you’ll like it. In fact, work has already begun on the next edition which should be out December 2012.

By the way, if you like the magazine, have a product/service for its market (students and young adults), you can advertise with them; currently, there are vacant spots and the pricing is reasonable.

Well, a new edition means I have to start writing the next article on the business tips very soon! Take care 🙂

sp campaigns

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment

All campaigns involve the participants (students and non-students alike) changing their avatars/display photos/profile pictures to the posters, and also changing their personal messages/status messages to one of the two specific messages (sentences or one-liners) that go with each campaign. Let’s spread the word!

Phase One (December 10th, 2011)

The “You’ve Dulled” Campaign is for CollegeTix

The “You’ve Dulled” messages: “Post Uni Events Online For Free via linkor “CollegeTix has the largest selection of college/university events from all around the world and now students can post their events for free so it’s easier to find and share them with others via link“. Please follow link for visual aid.

Phase Two (December 22nd, 2011)

The “Bored? Pick & Choose” Campaign is for CollegeTix

The “Bored? Pick & Choose” messages: “Bored? Pick and choose from the largest selection of events for college and university students in the world via link” or “Bored? Select events from our vast selection via link“. Please follow link for visual aid.

Phase Three (January 7th, 2012)

The “Second Look” Campaign is for Datlik

The “Second Look” Campaign messages: “Stop losing marks and credibility for inconsistency, poor grammar or spelling mistakes in your essays, web pages and work:” or “Say bye to losing marks and credibility in your essays and work:”.


Once again, thank you in advance if you decide to help. God bless you 🙂

japan ’11 sos

April 2, 2011 1 comment

As part of its social responsibility, I ensured that The SKA Group Inc. made a donation through the Canadian Red Cross today – Saturday, April 2nd, 2011. This donation is to aid the survivors of the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan early last month.

We asked people to get involved by making a donation (or supplementary donation) along with the company by purchasing a “Pray for Japan” button for $5.00CAD from Pearl Kreations; and the response was phenomenal!

All the proceeds were combined with our generous donation this afternoon. I personally like to thank everyone who made a donation, purchase, simply showed some support or even prayed! You are the reason this was such as tremendous success. May God bless us all and Japan, especially.

ska legacy

April 10, 2010 10 comments

Prior to the one year remembrance of my dad, I’ve decided to do something significant. Rather than just look gloomy and reminisce every 11th day of May, I want to honor his memory annually – on his birthday, not the day of his passing. I’m calling it SKA Legacy. I hope to eventually make it a befitting annual celebration of a very remarkable man.

In commemoration of this decision, I will share my final words to my dad with everyone. This is my farewell message as it appeared in the program of his funeral mass on Thursday, May 28th, 2009.

The banner placed over the main gate into our residence during the ceremonies


There are so many things I wish I could say, but I literally would use up everyone else’s spots so I’ll attempt to make this as brief as possible. Growing up, I didn’t really have him around so I didn’t know a lot about him safe for a few things- he rushed everyone out of the house into the car workday mornings, he loved to watch CNN, he playfully called me ‘Sonny Jim’, we were both hairy, and that we are both Sylvester (which I thought was cool)…later, when I asked him if I was Sylvester Jnr or Sylvester II, he laughed and said anyone I like.

When I got into my teen years, he had retired so I got to see more of him…which was a disaster waiting to happen- a teenage boy and his ‘stay home’ dad. He was practically on my neck half the time- Sola, you’re too conscious of pimples…stop acting like a woman, turn off the lights when you’re not using them, girls shouldn’t be calling you this late, go get a haircut, turn off that television and read, keep to time…don’t be like your mother, learn to save etc. Not to mention the holidays when he would always insist I read ahead for the next session or term, go to summer school or read a book. He hated us waking up late. In fact, the ‘terror’ list is endless. I was certain I didn’t want to be anything like him. I thought he was not cool, mean and too much of a disciplinarian. The only thing we agreed on then was my choir practice because he was in the grammar school choir, and WWF wrestling on Sunday evenings.

Growing into a young man (which is the present), I started getting wiser and began to admire and understand him. The pimples were a phase. Time waits for no one and every second counts. Study now and enjoy the fruits later. The reading helped my grammar.  And now that I live alone, I save on my electric, water and phone bills. I might not have wanted to be like him, but we were alike in so many ways. I started spending more time and doing things with him: going to the barber shop together, enjoying the evening breeze outside together and listening to his life adventures, teasing my mom, listening to ‘Ikan be’ by Akolawole Olawuyi, buying shares etc.

He was a very loving dad in his own special ways. I was told of when he would put me on his laps while he drives so I could put my hands of the steering wheel and drive, sponsoring my formal education and holidays, driving to Ijanikin every month in 2002 just to see me in school along with some lunch, crying bitterly both times I was leaving Nigeria for Canada, giving me the best, and calling me “Mr Buttons” when I started my button-badges business. I also realized he was cool. For example, he had a nickname in high school – he was called ‘Wild Cat’. He was also quite athletic. I remembered the day he chased me around the house trying to cane me for something I did; I thought I was quick on my feet until that day. We both eventually had a couple of laughs after he finally had me cornered though.

All his kids and I will never forget, “Read Hard, Pray Hard, Play A Little, and you’ll succeed” and in the last two days I spent with him, God made me persuade him to give me advise for business, life, relationships and family; and he did! He always drove me to better than the best. He didn’t live to see me graduate, but I know he was proud that was becoming quite the family man (being close to all my sisters), a business man and my new last name.

My dad was responsible, thrifty, intelligent, soft-spoken, generous, good-looking, polished, honest, well-mannered and humble. He wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty close. Well, I think I’ll stop here and say, if I am ever a man worth emulating or celebrating, I owe it to God who gave him to me. Rest in perfect peace dad. I love you.

– Sylvester II Olusola Kay-Adade

I don’t think we shared the typical dad-son bond, but I miss him. This has a few entertaining stories of my life with my dad, but there are more – more I hope to share in a book called Sonny Jim, by God’s grace. A few weeks ago, a friend said to me, “I know you miss him, so what keeps you going?” I replied, “We miss him, but knowing he’s happy being in a better place, and knowing we’ll see him again is very comforting.”

Contrary to what people say, time doesn’t make it easier, God does. Thanks for reading.

beware of dragons

April 2, 2010 2 comments

A colleague, Amy N* sent me an offline message on March 18th afternoon telling me that Dragons’ Den would be holding auditions at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University for Hamilton-based entrepreneurs on April 1st, 2010 in preparation for the new season in September.

She thought it would be a good idea for me to give it a shot. I was actually touched she thought of me. I guess it goes to show that one never knows all those who’ve got one’s back and always rooting for you. Well, at first, I was skeptical for a few reasons.

The first reason was the date of the audition. It was April 1st, which is we all know is April Fool’s Day and I wondered if it could be a practical joke. I went to their site to confirm if auditions were actually going to be held; and wouldn’t you believe it, it was legitimate lol.

The second thing being the fact that even though I’ve only watched about 3 episodes of Dragons’ Den, I followed the entire first season of the American version- the Shark Tank, so I have a very good idea of what goes down. Even though they offer Entrepreneurs the amount of money banks presently wouldn’t, they usually seek a high stake in your company. I’m talking 50% and higher! Even though I agree that there’s a possibility that I might actually need some financial backing, experienced partnership and their powerful branding, I don’t want to just basically sign over my company to someone just because I could use his/her help. In a certain way, I feel like I’ll be selling my soul lol.

Anyway, within the week that followed, I talked to Amy N* and a couple of other people about my second fear, and the general consensus was, despite the fact of getting a percentage of the company, they feel what I stand to gain in return surpasses any percentage they could request. I get financial backing; their partnership, publicity and support. After much deliberation, I decided not to.

But then, unbelievably, something changed at the 59th second! lol.

So April 1st came and I was at home, bored out of my mind. I decided, oh whatever! I’ll just give it a shot! I rather know than wonder what if. And if I do get on the show, I don’t have to take any of their offers (if they make any), but the nationwide publicity I’d get, priceless! So I headed to school and made a 3-page description of the Pearl Kreations and why it is a viable business. It took me about 2 hours to compile. Once I was satisfied, I went to make 5 copies. I assumed there would be 5 producers at most.

I made my way to the auditions whilst reciting my pitch in my head. So I got there and there were 3 producers plus 3 students (whom I assumed volunteered to help out and make sure everything went well). For some reason, the presence of the students and not the producers made me nervous lol. I walked in with about 20 minutes left on the clock before the auditions were to end. So as soon as I came in, one of the students served me with a bunch of papers I had to fill and sign. Since I‘ve watched the show, I knew what information was relevant and advantageous; hence, I didn’t need to write about my business and its services in the information form because I had all the info they needed in the write-up. I just signed all the legal documents and got up for my presentation. There was even a document for green products and services that would help the environment. Obviously, mine isn’t green so I didn’t have to sign that.

Anyway, I got in front of them, and the lead lady was like, “whenever you’re ready!” I had this puzzled look for a split second ‘cuz I was expecting it to be a “questions & answers” session for some reason. It was when I started talking I realised how unbelievably nervous I was lol. I broke into a sweat, stuttered a little, but I got my message across: “Pearl Kreations is more about the applications of than the product itself. Button-badges aren’t something new, but how Pearl Kreations is different is in our approach, enthusiasm and the diverse, innovative applications we use these simple products for.

Below is one of the pages from my write-up on the various applications Pearl Kreations’ buttons:

I read it later and I discovered I made a couple of grammatical errors (not spellings though) and repetitions lol. I hope it wouldn’t cost me my chance! 😦

Anyway, I could tell they were impressed by electronic and mass media coverage I have gotten over the short duration of running the business, the numerous contractual applications I have come up with for Companies like Warner Bros, Fox Entertainment and Marvel for partnership opportunities. And my boldness to actually write and approach them in the first place; especially since I’m an international student from Nigeria!

I think I got them most interested when I disclosed our Olympic and Winter Olympics contracts as well as Pearl Kreations’ 2008 revenue (I won’t share it figure here, but it was a 5-digit figure well over $30,000CAD). I think I finally eased up when I saw their reaction lol. 2009’s revenue wasn’t as much, as most of the revenue was in Nigerian Naira (a couple hundred thousands) because I spent the better part of that year in Nigeria. Well, 2010 presently has a potential revenue of over $50,000 CAD because of the Winter Olympics sales and potential Canada Day Sales. They were astounded as how we could get so much from $2.00CAD and $2.50CAD products! Well, I have only God to thank! They made a few inquires, and I think I answered satisfactorily. One of which was if I have patents on the names- “All-Me Buttons “and “National Buttons”; and the applications like the “blends”, “frames” and “movie madness”. And yes I do…well it is being finalized. Good thing I thought to do so even though it cost some money. Now, if there’s ever an imitation of the names and/or concepts without my consent and royalty, I’ll be suing the smart ass lol.

When I was done, they told me I would get a call from them in a couple of weeks to let me know if I’ll be invited onto the show! As I packed up to leave, I looked at the students and they gave me a nod of approval. I could almost see the awe on their faces…as if to say: we’re proud of you. You’ve done McMaster proud lol.

As I left, I felt so happy I did it. Even if I don’t get on the show, they’ve heard about me- the famous Mr. Buttons lol. Even though they will hear tons of other ideas from all over Canada, no one will have buttons, and even if they do, none with Pearl Kreations’ style and innovation :-).

Wish me luck!

fna experience

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I was first informed by a Business Colleague, Mr. Wale Abba who also happens to be nominated in a special category of his own (Best use of Technology in Nigeria) and then later by a good friend, Adeola A*. I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself – yours truly, Mr. Buttons aka Sylvester II Olusola Kay-Adade was nominated to be a recipient for the Future Awards 2010 “Business Owner of the Year” Award. I was highly honored to have been considered and nominated for this new, but apparently, prestigious award.

I didn’t know a lot about them, but they’re (as I was told) quite famous back home. If you would like to know more about them, The Future Nigeria mission, vision and general information can be found on their website and blog. All I can say is glory to God! I’m very happy. Even if I don’t win, just the consideration for an award, and the recognition was an honor.

Here’s the list of Nominees for Season 5 of the Future Awards Business Owner of the Year:

Oghenekaro Agono (Tremor Perfect)
Erefe Fynecountry (Deheney Services)
Debola Lewis (Yvent Couture)
Ayo Arigbagbu (Dada Books)
Hassan Rilwan (Focal Point Publishing)
Henry Oraika (Motomedia)
Uyi Omokaro (DM2)
Sylvester Kay-Adade (Pearl Creations)

Anyway, Pearl Creations got a call from Rick N*, an executive in the FNA team. He seemed very polite and polished. He asked for my personal email address and mobile number to keep me informed on the developments as the awards proceed. He said I had a Certificate of Nomination that I or someone I send may pick from their office on my behalf; and that there was also a luncheon/dinner for all the nominees on December 18th; which I obviously missed because I didn’t know about it and I wasn’t in Nigeria at the time. He asked, and I provided him with my email address. The next day, I received an email from the Future Nigeria Awards with a form asking all these questions about me and the company. I was a bit skeptical because of my new desire to return to my secretive and vague nature. But my mum, assured me that it was cool and legitimate as my sister went to the FNA office to collect my Certificate of Nomination.

This is the information as I filled in:

Business Owner of the Year
(Please note that when we say past one year, we mean from November 2008 till date)

 Full name: Sylvester II Olusola Kay-Adade

 Date of birth: May 29th, 1987

 Describe your business: Provision of button-badges for Personal use, effective Advertising and Marketing of Companies, goods and services; Promotions, Campaigns, Promotion of world peace and special occasions, holidays and international events

 How long have you been running this business: 2 years (in January, 2010)

 How big is the business is now: Pearl Creations is based in Ontario, Canada, but also operational in Lagos, Nigeria

 How many staff do you have: Three (3) Employees

 How many people do you work with/pay that are not staff: Two (2) Partners

 What are the challenges you have faced in the past one year:
1. Discouragement and Criticism from some colleagues who didn’t understand how profitable a $2.00CAD/$2.50CAD product could be.
2. Products given poor credibility due to my race/ethnicity.
3. A couple of rejection response letters from Comic Stores, Film Companies, Theaters, and Cinemas when I would write countless letters asking them to purchase or grant a contract to make buttons especially for movies like Watchmen, Spiderman etc or for their Online Stores.
4. No response from Banks, Companies, Conglomerates when I suggested buttons as new marketing strategies or as gifts to kids & customers for Christmas, during promos.

 How have you overcome them?
1. Endless prayers and faith
2. Encouragement from Family and Friends
3. Relentless Optimism and Drive
4. Supportive Customers
5. Positive Attitude
6. Taking necessary steps to prove Pearl Creations’ worth and credibility

 What expansion/growth/changes has the business experienced in the past one year: From just selling buttons to friends, to supplying buttons to Groups and Organizations within Hamilton, to supplying buttons to individuals, International Events and Companies within Canada, the PR of China, United States, Nigeria, Mexico, England, and now, we’re global.

 What companies have you worked for/what jobs have you done in the past one year:
Worked with:
1. The Invisible Children
2. The 2010 Business Network for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
3. Cure Canada

 Done Jobs for:
1. The Hope for David Charity Show [Hamilton, ON, Canada]
2. i-Rep Fashion Show [Hamilton, ON, Canada]
3. Ontario Universities’ Competition for Hip-Hop (O.U.C.H.) 2008 Dance Off [Hamilton, ON, Canada]
4. University of Lagos Engineering Faculty [Lagos, Nigeria]
5. University of Windsor African Union [Windsor, ON, Canada]
6. The Legacy Festival’s B.H.M. Event [Toronto, ON, Canada]
7. The McMaster African Students’ Association (M.A.S.A.) [Hamilton, ON, Canada]
8. Erindale College African Students’ Association (E.C.A.S.A.) [Mississauga, ON, Canada].

 How profitable has it been in this same period: Very Profitable

 Any awards: None, but a couple of Recognitions and Certificates

 Any other thing you do by the side: The Parent Company of Pearl Creations is The SKA Group; and it will be starting up “Suave Clothing” soon which will be making Dress Shirts, Suits and Ties; and selling classic Watches (partnering with LR Watches), Cufflinks, Tie Clips and Belts from Reputable Designers and Jewelers like Cartier, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

 Please provide us with at least one reference, or someone you can vouch for your work:
1. Suzanne B* (+1-905-526-****): Columnist, The Hamilton Spectator
2. Jennifer A* (+234-702-528-****): University of Lagos (UNILAG) Engineering Alumni
3. Mobola R* (+1-519-991-****): President, University of Windsor African Union 09/10

 Any other information we need to know (that could help your nomination):
1. Pearl Creations is the official button-badges Supplier for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and Past Supplier for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2. Pearl Creations and I were featured in The Hamilton Spectator (the biggest and most widely read newspaper in the city), by GidiNoize and by Be-e.
3. We make monthly donations to the Juravinski Cancer Centre Foundation and World Society for Animals.

FYI voting was done online by selecting  Sylvester Kay-Adade (Pearl Creations) in the “Business Owner of The Year” Category via link, and by SMS by “TFA (space) Sylvester Olusola Adade (space) Business Owner of the Year” via 33120 for Nigeria, 81696 for the UK and 97605 for the US.

The Award Ceremony was strictly by invitation and since I knew I wouldn’t be attending, I had 2 invitations sent for my mom and sister. The name of the invitee was on the reverse side. I think it was a very creative invitation. I liked the classy look and the old english font used. My sister kept me informed the whole time via bbm. According to her, the venue was very crowded with lots of celebrities around. She sent me photos of crowd while she was in line, and another of mum and her once they were seated.



When she informed me that I didn’t win, she sounded so upset (and apparently she was very upset), but she quickly got over it after she realized she had so many artistes to mingle and take photos with. Anyway, I was happy for whoever won. I had a “may the best man win” mentality. We were all very innovative so I feel anyone of us deserved it. I actually thought it was going to be either Hassan or Henry who would win as I felt they were my closest rivals – to my surprise, they didn’t win either! The winner was: Debola Lewis, C.E.O. Yvent Couture.

I checked a couple of blogs for the winners’ list since it hadn’t been put on their (Future Nigeria Awards) blog or website when the event was over. I found it eventually:


Actor of the Year —> Kemi Lala Akindoju

Best Use of Advocacy —> Tolu Sangosanya (Dustbin Estate Children)

Best Use of Science —> Ify Aniebo (Research in malaria)

Best use of Technology —> Bade Adesemowo (Bincom)

Business Owner of the Year —> Debola Lewis (Yvent Couture)

Creative Artist of the Year —> Adekunle Samuel Owolabi

Excellence in Public Service —> Fatima Zara Modibbo (Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria)

Journalist of the Year —> Ruona Agbroko (NEXT)

Magazine of the Year —> Sound City Blast

Model of the Year —> Warebi Martha

Musician of the Year —> M.I.

Music Producer of the Year —> Jesse Jagz

On-Air Personality of the Year (Radio) —> Matse Uwatse (Wazobia FM)

On-Air Personality of the Year (TV) —> Andre Blaze (Nigezie)

Professional of the Year —> Ifunnaya Maduka (Dean of Students, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls)

Screen producer of the Year —> Kenneth Gyang (“Finding Aisha”)

Sportsperson of the Year —> Janet Dung (Athletics)

Style Entrepreneur of the Year —> Linda Ikeji (Blackdove Communications)

Team of the Year —> Africa Youths Unite for Change

Young Person of the Year —> Ify Aniebo (Scientist)

From all indications, it seems I should be happy I didn’t go all the way to Nigeria to attend,  because contrary to what I was told and made to think of the awards, just like everything else, politics was the rule of the day. Anyway, congratulations to the Management of Yvent Couture on the 2010 Business Owner of the Year Award, as well as all other winners!

Hahaha I just saw some very interesting comments on a website – here are some of the comments and reactions to the list as made on Olamild Entertainment. I think one of them was made by one of my very protective & loving sisters, or the sister of someone with sisters like mine lol. Enjoy!

Anonymous #1 said:
Alright, now I just lost all faith in the so-called Future Awards. Debola Lewis is a sponsor of the Awards, but yet he was nominated for Business Owner of the Year category. This is his 3rd nomination and they finally awarded it to him. Shame on Future Awards and they better not nominate my brother next time. The lady that won last year was nominated thrice too. Shame on the Future Awards Organizers…. Nigerians will never change.

Anonymous #2 said:
Chocolate City is all over the list…I suspect foul play o.

Anonymous #3 said:
Please who are all these people? I am a very active young professional, but I have never heard nor seen any of these above except MI and Jesse Jagz. Please Future Awards this Awards is a total flop!

Anonymous #4 said:
This award is done by group of friends just to celebrate themselves in the name the future awards.

Anonymous #5 said:
The Future awards sucks..they only nominate people who can help them and friends.

Well, at least Pearl Creations got some publicity out of it by being a nominee, and also a sponsor of the event. We supplied them free “Nigerian Coat of Arms” button-badges. In the end, more of Nigeria got to know about Pearl Creations, and to me, that is more than enough. I’m grateful to God, and I know there will be more nominations and bigger awards to win 🙂