This is the online journal and personal website of Sylvester Kay-Adade II.

He writes to share his experiences in life and business, his past and recent interests, and his thoughts on various local and international issues.

Learn a little more about him via the biography page. Follow up on publications released on him via the news page. Check his schedule to note the events he will be attending, hosting, or speaking at via the engagements page. Finally, in order to contact him for appearances, interviews, questions, and more, visit the connect page.

The business category basically revolves around his business decisions. The events category involves events he has been invited to and/or organized. The inspitories category is comprised of interviews of other entrepreneurs whom he has had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online, or dug up, that motivate him. The interviews category has articles on his person and/or his businesses by bloggers, columnists, and journalists. The lessons category consists of lessons he has learnt in school, business, and life. The nuggets category encompasses everything else, but mostly involves subjects he finds interesting. The stories category has notable experiences in his time as a business owner. Some posts may cut across two or more of these categories.

The more we share, the more we have – Leonard Nimoy