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This may seem odd to those who know me, but for the longest time, every time I listened to a message on “develop your gift”, “cultivate your talent”, “maximizing your potential” and so on, I got slightly distraught because for the life of me, I could not zero in on what I love to do. At first, I thought it was making business deals, finding business opportunities, making money and such, but then I heard more than once that your talent or God-given gift is something that will not benefit just you – it is something God gave you to improve the lives of others. After that, I tried figuring out what I could do that would benefit others, but short of charity work and volunteering, I couldn’t think of anything. Recently, I learnt that your gift is something you have a burning desire to do or improve – something you have a passion for. That was my aha moment. SKA Ventures was the name of one of the subsidiaries of The SKA Group. It was my dad’s baby. After he passed, I took it upon myself to acquire it, and keep it running. Even though it wasn’t fully operational, I had a rough idea of what his plan was, and by God’s grace wanted to build it into the accounting and insurance firm he dreamed of. However, if I was to put SKA Ventures under my wing, I couldn’t have a subsidiary bear a name similar to that of the parent company; and that’s why last year, I renamed it Herança Financial. Herança is the Portuguese word for heritage, and I believe that is very appropriate. Back to my aha moment lol. Last month, I realized I have a passion for small business. After I figured it out, it all began to make sense. My passion is why I have so many start-ups. It is why I highlight other budding entrepreneurs in my inspitories. It is also probably why I even created this journal – to share my experiences, offer advice, inspire, and so on with. I was pumped. I decided to name and make a business out of it – small business management and entrepreneurial development. I didn’t need to break out my black book in order to figure out that this business model belonged in the financial sector, and I knew I couldn’t handle an accounting firm and mine simultaneously. It was tough, but I came to the simple conclusion that I can’t live my dad’s dream, but I could build off it, and that’s what I did. Herança Financial is presently a small business management firm that at some point in the future may offer financial audits, and possibly, insurance services as well. Please don’t do what others are doing in a bid to make money. Instead, focus your energies on discovering what you absolutely love, love, love doing. If there’s no word for it, coin a term! There are opportunities all around us. For example, nobody really cared for tablets until Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. Now, everyone has to have one (iPad, Note, Kindle, Playbook), and almost every tech company makes a tablet. He created the demand for a product no one previously wanted. Yours could be a product, or it could be service, just start! If you think you need money to start, you’re not ready. The money will come, trust me. If it is truly your God-given talent, prove to Him you’re ready, and He’ll make it happen; after all, whatever it is, that’s what He created for! I’ve discovered my passion, and will begin working on getting Herança Financial operational soon. Once it is, I’ll be happy to help anyone who needs advice. I hope this encourages someone. Please stay tuned 🙂

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It’s that time of the year again movie lovers! Pearl Kreations will be offering ten (10) different button-badges for ten (10) of the most highly anticipated movies of 2013.

They will be launched and sold in chronological order as listed below.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: The buttons will be released Monday, February 18th in anticipation of the Friday, February 28th movie release date.

Iron Man 3: The buttons will be released Monday, April 22nd in anticipation of the Friday, May 3rd movie release date.

Star Trek Into Darkness: The buttons will be released Monday, May 6th in anticipation of the Friday, May 17th movie release date.

Man of Steel: The buttons will be released Monday, June 3rd in anticipation of the Friday, June 14th movie release date.

Monsters University: The buttons will be released Monday, June 10th in anticipation of the Friday, June 21st movie release date.

Despicable Me 2: The buttons will be released Monday, June 24th in anticipation of the Wednesday, July 3rd movie release date.

Pacific Rim: The buttons will be released Monday, July 1st in anticipation of the Friday, July 12th movie release date.

The Wolverine: The buttons will be released Monday, July 15th in anticipation of the Friday, July 26th movie release date.

Thor: The Dark World: The buttons will be released Monday, October 28th in anticipation of the Friday, November 8th movie release date.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: The buttons will be released Monday, November 11th in anticipation of the Friday, November 22nd movie release date.

The official promotional video for these new movie buttons was developed once again by our very own, Spinners Inc. It can be viewed on the The SKA Group’s YouTube Channel via link.

All buttons will be available in the online store, as usual, for purchase 🙂