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Caught myself thinking about how to improve CollegeTix even more. It is the first online ticket sales platform for college and university events, yeah, that’s great, what next? If you’re number one, you constantly have a bull’s eye on your back because guess what, the competition doesn’t like being number two. As a pioneer, you have to keep moving forward.

Keep Calm

A quality I’ve long admired in extremely successful entrepreneurs is their compulsion to constantly improve their products/services in order to stay ahead of the competition. I want that, so I sat down today and started pondering on what I can tweak about CollegeTix service to make better.

After some thought, I realized there is a market that CollegeTix hasn’t penetrated. That market is the registration market. Organizers host events for free on CollegeTix, hence the only earner is the ticket sales. Unfortunately, not every event hosted sells tickets; some events are free. However, I realized that they wouldn’t mind a registration service that helps them track their attendees, and possibly use the information gathered to contact those attendees in the future.

That was my eureka moment!

Instead of limiting CollegeTix to just an online hosting and eTicketing service, why not build it into an online event management service. I thought it was a splendid idea, but this addition was going to be a lot of work. The website had to be tweaked, price list changed, new service marketed/publicized, notifications altered, interfaces improved and all; and these had to be done seamlessly in order to add the Online Event Registration/eRegistration feature without affecting the other features.

After hours nonstop work, the eRegistration feature is active. It is actually quite convenient, the process is fast, and there is a security feature actively monitoring registrations. We also automated the master guest list generation so CollegeTix can process event registrations and ticket sales simultaneously.

As for the charge, like the online ticketing, I decided to make the online registration free for first events, and there will be a $0.20CAD/registrant processing fee for subsequent events.

Say hello to CollegeTix, the premier online event management service exclusively for college and university events!

This tweak was followed by a tweak of the entire company. Sylver Productions has been changed from a document management service provider to an innovative company, due to the host of niche services under its belt – Citymail, CollegeTix, Datlik and Wefyl.

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