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Almost two months ago, I mentioned that a former classmate from high school got in contact with me, told me about his plans for a new bimonthly magazine, Deere President, requested to interview me for the premier edition, and asked to me to be the regular contributor on Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship for the magazine.

Deere President was launched and distributed to retail outlets on Monday, October 1st, 2012.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m on the cover! That handsome, young man is yours truly lol.

I was just as shocked as a couple of you may be when he sent me this photo last weekend. It wasn’t our arrangement, and I didn’t request it either. Apparently, there were several cover options to choose from, and after deliberations, my photo was the final pick.

I was initially very uncomfortable with the idea because I love my privacy, but a little publicity never hurt anyone, I hope. Besides, I figured it could be good for business expansion and so on. I know it isn’t Forbes, but it’s a start!

The target market is students and young adults, hence the magazines are mainly being sold in schools. However, orders can be placed and deliveries will be fulfilled via courier. According to him, his primary objective at this time is to continue spreading the word and creating awareness. A copy of the magazine sells in Nigeria for two hundred naira (N200.00).

Find a retailer and buy one or two, I’m sure you won’t be too disappointed. I’m kidding, you’ll like it. In fact, work has already begun on the next edition which should be out December 2012.

By the way, if you like the magazine, have a product/service for its market (students and young adults), you can advertise with them; currently, there are vacant spots and the pricing is reasonable.

Well, a new edition means I have to start writing the next article on the business tips very soon! Take care 🙂

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