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About three weeks ago, I received an email from my lawyer, Kunle M* notifying of his receipt of the search results. He did three searches – the first two were refused, and only SKA Pearl Kreations Nigeria Limited was successful, because SKA Nigeria apparently already exists.

It would seem I have met a brick wall as I will not have with SKA and Pearl Kreations combined as the company’s name. There is however a silver lining – SKA Nigeria Ltd is a moribund company; hence The SKA Group can still be registered and there are two options towards getting that done:

  1. Getting the Registrar of Companies to strike the moribund company off the Register of Companies. My lawyer’s contact at the CAC Headquarters in Abuja advised that it will be almost impossible to move the Registrar to strike out one company when more than sixty percent of companies on the register are dead! Besides that, the law apparently prescribes a procedure to be adopted before a name can be struck off and this procedure involves publication of warnings in national newspapers. If the striking has to be done, it would be done holistically and not just for one company.
  2. Applying for a ‘Change of Directors’, a ‘Change of Name’ or a ‘Report of Same Ownership’ of the moribund company i.e. declare that SKA Nigeria Ltd and The SKA Group Nigeria Ltd are owned by the same entity.

Obviously, my best option is the second, but I will need a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the moribund SKA Nigeria Limited! I began to wonder how I would find them and if it was worth the trouble.

Fortunately, I managed to get in contact with one of its (SKA Nigeria Limited) majority stakeholders and he has agreed to do the change directors. Even though a scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation would have to suffice, we set a tentative meeting date for sometime in December because I felt I should meet the gentleman in person. Also, I might as well go because I’m sure I will have a bunch of documents to sign in person -__-

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