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February 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since January, I’ve been taking a course in Supervision, as I continue my Small Business Management classes. In this course, I’m learning how to manage employees and situations effectively. Half way through the course, we are required to do some personal assessments. One of those that was particularly shocking for me was this week’s. It was on our decision-making style.

According to the decision-style model, my dominant style is the Conceptual style. This means I tend to be very broad in my outlook and consider many alternatives. It means I also have long range focus and very good at finding creative solutions to problems. My least preferred style is the Behavioral style. This means I probably do not work well with others. It also means I am not receptive to suggestions from others and not very concerned with the achievements of subordinates; I do not seek acceptance or avoid conflicts.

I believe the decision-style model is quite precise. As a matter of fact, I am highly imaginative, constantly reinventing and finding creative/innovative solutions to problems. I have foresight; I think deeply and carefully before making a decision. I also like knowing my options so I make, in my opinion, the most accurate and logical decision. On the flip-side, I prefer to work alone, not with others. I usually make my decisions independent of suggestions from others. I am not big on constantly communicating with others either, although I will, if I absolutely have to. I am also not bothered about being accepted by others; which is evident from my little number of friends. However, I avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Before doing the questionnaire, I initially thought I was part conceptual style and part directive style, because I am usually formal in my approach to formal settings. I like efficiency, professionalism and logical decisions. I do not believe in intuition, although do not believe emotional feelings should have a part in business or the workplace. Surprisingly, after completing the questionnaire, I scored 75 on directive, 72 on analytical, 94 on conceptual and 58 on behavioral; which means my initial perception of myself after reading the definitions of the different styles was accurate.

To emphasize just how judicious I believe the decision-style model is, I have an illustration from my childhood. During an art class in elementary school, each student was given a bowl of clay and asked to mold shapes. I didn’t want to mold balls and cubes like everyone else so I was inactive for a few minutes. Some classmates who thought I was stuck offered to help me mold, but I wouldn’t have it. After pondering for a short while, I made a decision to make animals so I singularly molded a miniature swan and a miniature dog. That is one of my earliest memories of my creativity and imagination; non-acceptance of suggestions and desire not to work with others.

I like the fact that we were asked to do the test individually, before being taught the appropriate way to make decisions effectively. Apparently, there isn’t a right or wrong answer because it has to do with one’s temperament. However, the golden rule is that all colleagues and employees should be handled firmly, but treated with respect. I can’t wait for what next I’ll discover about myself…and I’m sure you can’t either lol.
  1. April 29, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    I strongly believe that decision-making is majorly dependent on temperament.
    It also has a lot to do with one’s perception of self and experience – whether good or bad in varying spheres of life.
    In addition (not that I believe in it), I guess people of the same zodiac signs might tend to perceive and act on situations similarly – decision-making inclusive. What do you think?

    • Mr. Kay-Adade
      September 14, 2015 at 7:37 pm

      Hi Collins.
      Please pardon the horrendously late reply.
      I absolutely agree that decision-making is strongly influenced by our temperaments and shaped by our experiences. However, I don’t believe it’s possible for people to act or make decisions based on what day of the month they were born or what stars aligned at their birth. That’s a bit nuts.
      Thanks a lot for your input 🙂

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