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Remember, I’m working on a diploma in Small Business Management? Well, one of the courses- Managing the Small Business, exposes me to the world of business, ethics and management. As part of the course, we have different speakers come to discuss various topics, ranging from Banking and Finance to Networking. Even a couple of graduates of the course come by to share their experiences.

One of the most recent speakers was Geet Dhillon, a Social Media Marketing Expert from Eloqua Corporation (http://www.eloqua.com/) in Toronto. He talked about how social media can help improve customer patronage and boost revenue.

Companies like Dell and Starbucks, made additional revenue in the sum of tens of millions of dollars from social networking via Twitter last year for free!

Their trick? – connecting with their customers…directly! They asked questions on new and old products, asked for suggestions, listened to feedback and responded to complaints…all via facebook and twitter. By doing this, the customers feel the company cares, patronize the company, buy more products and suggest their products to friends…increasing client base and revenue! It is so simple, but highly underrated.

Coca-Cola, as of December 31, 2009 had about 5 million fans on facebook. Now, it is over 21 million. If they sent an update or survey today, they would have millions of replies with helpful opinions and positive feedback. Go to their page anytime and there will be fans having discussions and sharing photos of their fun coca-cola times. Coca-Cola sales is up 52%.

As I listened, I was happy that I already had a facebook page and twitter account for The SKA Group. Sadly, I wasn’t fully utilizing them. And, the most active company- Pearl Kreations, had just a facebook group. Before I end up sharing all my class notes lol, a keynote with using facebook is to have pages and not groups for companies and products.

Pages allow for a two-way communication, whereas groups are basically a one-way street. As soon as I heard that, I decided Pearl Kreations needed a facebook page and twitter account immediately! It took couple of days in between school and work to get the account and page ready, but it got done. The challenge would be to get all the 956 members to switch location and become fans, and what to do with the group -_-.

There was a suggestion to change the group name to Pearl Kreations Messenger. The group would work with the Pearl Kreations Web Messenger and e-Customer Service Team, and be the facebook medium of accepting comments and reviews, broadcasting important messages to clients and customers, displaying new photos of all ordered button-badges and Lapel pins, and taking orders.

I liked the idea, so it was changed. An email and facebook message were sent to explain the name change and inform them of this new page: http://www.facebook.com/PearlKreations. It was explained that through the page, we would be asking questions, hosting competitions, having giveaways and communicating more effectively.

I believe that our members understood that it was in order to be more interactive with them that we opened a page. We also opened a twitter account and asked those with accounts to follow @PearlKreations (http://twitter.com/PearlKreations/).

So that there’s no confusion, I didn’t decide to do this entirely for business and revenue, but to get closer to our customers and fans; and make the PK Experience much more than just super cool buttons, but about mega fun!

I think this move will also help create goodwill and continued patronage. So far, response has been slow, but I remain positive. I guess it is because this change was done during the exam/holiday shopping season.

Which reminds me; to mark this new change and holiday season, Pearl Kreations has select All-Me Buttons and all National Buttons which will be sold for $1.00CAD/pin. This sale began on Wednesday, December 1st and will go on up until Friday, December 10th, 2010. On December 16th, Pearl Kreations will make its final deliveries and postings for 2010 as The SKA Group will be closing on Friday, December 17th, 2010. By God’s grace, business will begin in 2011 on Monday, January 10th.

However, Pearl Kreations  might have little, private “social” giveaway before January which you won’t want to miss out on, so “follow” and “like”…quickly! lol

  1. January 18, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    Social media has changed everything!
    I am gonna ‘like’ this post, and ill be sure to ‘follow’
    Happy new year!

    Saturday, 15 January, 2011

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