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ska redefined 2010

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Not too long ago, I embarked on a project to redefine myself. Have I succeeded? Well, so far, so good! Recently, I thought, why not redefine and pep up the company a little bit as well. After all, it is as much a part of me as my limbs. So, after long hours spent updating and redoing the company’s information and presentation, it was ready by morning. I took the documents to my lawyer, Philip O* in the afternoon, and a few minutes later, it was registered! You are about to read about The SKA Group Inc (as of 2010).

Note, I tapped into the futuristic ideology of the deja vu post! As I said earlier, this is as of 2010 so there are some “changes” lol; I don’t have Richard Branson as a mentor for nothing!

The company revolutionizing business and service through its ethics and expertise expressed through its numerous firms worldwide.
The SKA Group is one of the largest, privately-owned conglomerates in the world. It owns and oversees the operations of over seven subsidiaries and businesses with branches all over the world in the following fields: advertising, branding, clothing, education, financial services, publication and real estate. Reporting legitimate annual profits in excess of about US$110 million with over 2,000 dedicated people in employment worldwide, The SKA Group is undoubtedly one of the most admired and profitable Companies in the world.

The SKA Group was founded in Canada by Sylvester Kay-Adade in 2008. It initially began operations as Pearl Kreations (now, one of its Subsidiaries) on Monday, January 28th, 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario.

As Pearl Kreations grew, he diversified into other markets, thereby giving rise new Companies- Suave Clothing and Sylver Productions. Those were soon followed by SKA Ventures and others.

In January 2010, The SKA Group was set up to manage all the ventures and potential businesses. It became a registered Conglomerate incorporated in Canada under the laws of the Province of Ontario in September 2010 with most of its Subsidiaries fully functional at the time. By December 2010, barely three (3) years since its inception in January 2008, it had made over US$1 million in revenue with a vibrant work force of about 100 people; thus making it not only one of the most profitable, but also one of the fastest growing Companies in the world.

1. Provide superior quality products and deliver exceptional service.
2. Be the best, go beyond imaginations and exceed expectations in all pertaining to us.

The global super brand with a heart and drive for perfection.

We believe in consistency in the right values.
– Fairness: There is no discrimination. Everyone is equal and every job is vital to our brilliant success.
– Hard work: Good results aren’t manufactured, but accomplished through hard work. We understand that and very familiar with it.
– Lawfulness: All our actions and activities are in total obedience and in complete accordance with the law.
– Quality: All our products and services are always kept to the highest standards.

We believe in leadership by example.
– Accountability: We account and take responsibility for our actions, and conduct ourselves responsibly and transparently in all situations and at all times.
– Entrepreneurship: We are creative, innovative and ready to take calculated risks.
– Perfection: We are performance-oriented and put our best into everything.

Like every family, we trust respect and trust each other; and that attitude follows right from the top to the branches.
The People make the Company; and SKA People are the best Employees, Executives, Partners and Shareholders, hence we are the best Company.

We make everything about you because it is.

– Community: A good community produces good people. SKA People are good people so come from good communities.
To keep that balance, we give back through caring for the environment, maintaining old and raising new fundamental structures through our development initiatives; and providing free healthcare for lacking communities through our various outreaches.
– Customers: Customer service is paramount to us because without our Clients and Customers, we would be non-existent.
We are committed to continually provide satisfactory products and services that exceed your expectations.

Each and every business venture owned or affiliated with The SKA Group are operated at the highest standards; and Pacemakers in their respective fields.

The SKA Group’s brands are:
The Pearl Academy, which delivers a host of quality educational services.
Pearl Cafés, a chain of state-of-the-art cafes for business executives and the elite.
Pearl Kreations deals in the production of button-badges and lapel pins for a variety of events and purposes worldwide.
RansRive, which provides accommodation through the letting and sale of commercial buildings, residential suites and houses.
SKA Ventures provides top-notch financial services and solutions.
Suave Clothing retails luxury accessories and manufactures clothing for the elite and stylish professionals; as well as the provision of wardrobe consultation.
Sylver Productions provides documentation, printing and publication services.
And, Vecasyer Hotels & Towers is a collection of classy hotels and resorts which offer 5-star accommodation with professional treatment and services.
The SKA Group also has controlling stakes in RCubed-Merit and Spinners Inc.

Each Subsidiary operates as a private entity with individual headquarters and branches worldwide all monitored by the Group’s Headquarters in Canada.

The Pearl Academy is an educational institution which delivers quality, unparalleled educational services. These services include middle school education, high school education, private tutoring, and renowned etiquette & grooming classes.

Pearl Cafés is a chain of state-of-the-art cafes designed for and with the quintessential business executive in mind. It offers freshly baked assorted pastries and doughnuts served with freshly brewed coffee and a variety of chilled, natural fruit juices. All shops are equipped with high speed wireless internet connection.

Pearl Kreations is a collectibles-manufacturing company which deals in the production of button-badges and lapel pins for a variety of corporate, personal, professional, national & international purposes and events. It is an official partner and the official button-badges supplier the FIFA World Cup™ Tournaments, the IOC Olympics™ and the UEFA Champions League™.

RansRive is a real estate company which provides temporary and permanent accommodation through the letting and sale of commercial and residential properties.

SKA Ventures is a financial institution which deals in the provision of top-notch financial services and solutions. It provides loans, operating leases and excellent financial advice for individuals, entrepreneurs and small & large scale businesses.

Suave Clothing is the unique clothing venture solely in the business of elite corporate apparel. It retails luxury accessories from reputable brand names, and manufactures and sells its own line of bespoke dress shirts, dress pants and suits,  as well as provide wardrobe consultation services. It also produces a biannual style publication called The Suave Series.

Sylver Productions is a firm that provides ace document management services, as well as unmatched printing and publication services for prospective authors and clients. It also developed the EP-Reader™ Initiative which proofreads hundreds of articles, essays and projects daily.

Vecasyer Hotels & Towers is a collection of the most stylish hotels and resorts worldwide which offer 5-star accommodation with professional treatment and quality services.

I stayed up one night sketching logos for the subsidiaries as well as the colors to be used. These are the sketches:

A couple of days later, I got in contact with Najim Z*. He’s a close colleague that’s talented in designing (there was an Inspitories on him in July). He designed my very first business cards and The SKA Group logo. This time, I gave him eight (8) new challenges to conquer. And after about three (3) weeks, some tweaking and editing, this is what we have:

Other Companies & Ventures
The major businesses that The SKA Group has partial ownership in are:

RCubed-Merit: This company highlights and optimizes the potential for various living spaces by redefining the outlook of the rooms, offices, homes and workspaces through the reorganization and restructuring of their overall presentation.
The SKA Group has forty percent (40%) ownership of this venture.

Spinners Incorporated
: This agency provides expert advertising services and solutions to its clients. It also uses its ace designing skills and creative wordplay to invent catchy, interesting and befitting logos, names and slogans for its clients’ businesses, events and products.

The SKA Group has sixty percent (60%) ownership of this venture.

Products & Services
Our products & services include:

– Accommodation and Lodging
– Advertising Services and Solutions
– Branding
– Clothing and Accessories
– Document Management
– Education
– Financial Services and Solutions
– Memorabilia
– Printing and Publication Services
– Real Estate
– Space Optimization
– Wardrobe Consultation
C’est fini!

I’m very happy and satisfied. Of course, all these modifications and additional logos meant I had to redo The SKA Group’s outlining document and that I did (for 2 hours)!

Earlier on in the year, I paid for the address: theska-group.com. I had to use that because theskagroup.com, skagroup.com, skag.com etc were all taken by random people with either boring, uncreative websites or stupid, one-paged websites. I was so upset…I think I still am. At least, I found something I could use. I’m considering changing the address to skagroupinc.com soon.

Anyway, after modifying the document, I decided to develop the website! I spent a whooping 8 hours on it 😦 and right now, it’s 3/4 ready! Please check it out the mock site anytime. It has basically the same info as is on here, but organized on to different pages. There is also now a twitter account and a Facebook page for the most active businesses.

The only thing I’m still undecided on is if to have just two of the subsidiaries should be traded on the stock market or none; and just remain entirely private 0_0. Well, after all, there are Companies like Cargill and Koch Industries – both privately owned and make over US$100M in revenue annually. One thing for sure is they will all operate independently, but will be monitored and regulated by the Group which will be controlled by the President, yours truly 😉

I just might make this an annual thing. I have a feeling things will keep evolving.

  1. April 25, 2011 at 5:30 am

    Love this

  2. neefemi
    January 18, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    You know, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly you do, so this is good info….so say one wants to work with you, for you how does that work? Interested in the Pearl Academy and Sylver Publications.

    Thursday, 11 February, 2010

  3. Kunle A.
    January 18, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Can I share in this vision…seriously? This is some really massive profile you’ve got there.
    Any forward thinking young man should be inspired with this.

    Tuesday, 03 August, 2010

  4. Genny
    January 18, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    I think this is very impressive.
    It shows a lot of foresight.
    I’m proud of you x

    Tuesday, 03 August, 2010

  5. G.E.
    January 18, 2014 at 6:24 pm

    Good job and the design for each company’s logo is cool & very creative!
    I saw the initial sketches before your friend worked on them.
    You did a good job cos without your sketches, he wouldn’t have come up with that…not forgetting to mention that he did a wonderful job….i’m really impressed!

    Tuesday, 03 August, 2010

  6. bubu
    January 18, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I’m so proud of you…good work!
    And all the designs are exceptional!

    Friday, 06 August, 2010

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