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oh canada

For the first time since 2007, I’m in Canada on Canada Day!

I always imagined that it would be the perfect opportunity for Pearl Kreations to make so much money; and I sort of regretted not being around every July 1st.

Remember how I’m now officially a CNBC junkie? So finally, the big “payday” is just around the corner and then I learnt on Tuesday through a documentary presented on Coca~Cola, that more customers are gotten through a Company’s participation in local events and sponsorships than through marketing.That is one of the reasons why Coca Cola is an official sponsor to almost every major sporting and cultural event worldwide! Painfully following queue, I decided to do a giveaway. There was just a little problem, since we’re still in the process of designing new Pearl Kreations cards and my personal business cards, there was no way to advertise Pearl Kreations as the Sponsor 😦

I spent the better part of yesterday brainstorming with a colleague on what to do. Finally, we came up with paper. The next issue was how to attach 35 Canada National Buttons to the pieces of paper; then it hit me – pin them! So after satisfactorily designing and printing, I cut out the miniature greeting notes. I made two (2) types: color and black/white versions, for variety.

I thought about putting my name, but I remembered my 2008 experience. While advertizing USA National Buttons in Arizona, I honestly answered a question by mentioning that I was the one to gain from the sales. The result – I never saw someone change his mind so fast! Since then, I decided to work behind the scenes. That’s one of the reasons for the two different cards: Pearl Kreations cards and my personal business cards – just incase you were wondering.

I pinned all of them from 2:30am to 2:57am and called it a day!

I just hope I give them to the right people who would appreciate the buttons as well as those who would contact Pearl Kreations for some business and/or buttons in the nearest future!


  1. Be-e
    February 24, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Kool stuff!
    You didnt say where you went to give ’em out tho…

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