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inspitories v: gidiculture

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

Hustlers are usually self-employed people who make creative use their brains to make money. They are consistent and always on their grind (active). They have an edge and out smart the competition. They are sometimes cunning, but definitely street smart. They know how to get money and are skilled at it.

Urban Street wear Extraordinaire, Gidi Culture™ is the Lifestyle brand for the Independent, Young and Flashy; and becoming one of the Fashion Industry’s most rapidly recognizable brands with its simple, yet unique logo.

Gidi Culture™, the brand, the lifestyle, shows great potential with no signs of slowing down. These two young men are the definition of true definition of hustlers and original Nigerian grinders. Their passion, Apparel; their business, Gidi Culture™.

The Innovator

Okwuehi Ogboi
Gidi Culture

Birth Name
Okwuehi Ogboi

25 (as of 2010)

Designing, skateboarding and managment

The Advancer

Mobolaji Rufino
CEO & Creative Director
Gidi Cultire

Birth Name
Mobolaji Rufino l Soluade

24 (as of 2010)

Marketing, styling, singing and rapping


Art/Business Name
Gidi Culture

Business Profile

Gidi Culture

Gidi Culture is the lifestyle brand for the limitless.

I started this
This started back in 2007 by founder, Okwuehi Ogboi. Gidi Culture, today, has evolved from its early stages of plain t-shirts emblazoned with witty slogans like “You Go Wound Oh!” to its current level. His partnership with Mobolaji Soluade in 2008 transformed Gidi Culture into a brand/lifestyle almost synonymous with unfathomable swag. Even some Nigerian celebrities are on the Gidi Culture program.

Notable Nigerian Rap Artiste & Entertainer
eLDee, the Don

I’m driven by
Brands like LRG who stated small and are now on a global scale.
We’re steadily elevating to near international status, with individuals rocking our threads from Canada to the United States to Nigeria. We are not attempting to distract from the various designs, but rather, complimenting them, making the overall effect aesthetically pleasing to the eye and instilling a sense of immeasurable confidence to the wearer (and I can attest to that lol).

Past Works/Portfolio
• Partnership with Pearl Kreations; they made logo buttons for our 2009 campaign.

• The introduction of headgear in 2009 – the “+234” and “Gidi” series.
• The official 2009 Gidi Culture Catalog.

• Forging new significant partnerships.
• We’re presently planning for a dinner for summer 2010 in Toronto for Fashion Street Wear brands owners and enthusiasts living/working in Toronto and the GTA.

Contact me

blog: Gidi Culture

email: gidiculture@gmail.com

facebook: Gidi Culture

website: Gidi Culture

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