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It goes without saying that advertising & marketing are important for the success of a business.The right advert could make or break a business. I believe that an effective ad has to capture and engage the mind of the potential consumers. For example, because of the effectiveness of the Old Spice Body Wash’s smell like a man, man ad of early 2010, the body wash’s sales quadrupled! I’m part of the cause lol.

I just read in an article on Entrepreneur.com that celebrities are good marketing tools. Well not just celebrities, but the ones who would best deliver the services provided of the company. The same article says, “The Foreman grill has become a textbook example of how enduringly valuable a high-profile spokesperson can be when that person is carefully selected and wisely deployed in the scheme of a marketing strategy”. I guess this means I’ve got to go get me a celebrity lol!

On a more serious note, the brands are beginning to have trouble reaching more people. For example, over the course of two years, Pearl Kreations has processed about 2,000 orders for over 200 consumers all across the world, but it never feels enough – well, there are over 2 billion people in the world, so one can’t afford to be satisfied knowing there could always be more. I decided to get more, I’ll need to put myself and the companies out there.

The plan is to go out there for companies and lure them with my buketing initiatives – these involve promoting the advantages of choosing Pearl Kreations’ products. By the way, Buketing is a word I coined from Buttons and marketing. The All-Me Buttons are very good for marketing; and since our button-badges are high in quality and innovative, I had a gutt feeling that they would be very attractive to big companies. This is a sample suggestion out – this was sent to Coca Cola Canada:

“…We would love to know if we could be of some service by supplying a couple of buttons using the attached Coca Cola logos to be given out as prizes during promos; or during and after events such as shows and luncheons as souvenirs to people.
Alternatively, they could equally be also sold to raise money if you intend to sell them at fund-raisers.
That’s the idea. Our proposal is to make them at a discount so as to market your Company through another innovative means as your Company is noted for.
It is also a new, creative and inexpensive mode of advertising.
The idea is definitely impressive, but will obviously require time for discussion with the necessary organising/managing bodies”.

As God would have it, a couple of companies actually did like it! I mean it is a great idea even if I say so myself lol. We offer different suggestions to different companies depending on the advantageous applications I think our buttons can offer them. If it’s really good, they usually get back to us.

You know what? It’s working! Right now, even small & medium enterprises seeking to grow their business and increase sales, contact us for custom buttons. They usually request for buttons with their logos…it’s a marketing initiative they can use to get their names out there!

One of my favorite is the upcoming Nigerian label, Gidi Culture. I must say, they’re really good, have awesome designs and aggressive in their marketing! I personally got to know about them in the summer of 2008. The went off the radar and returned with a bang in summer of 2009. I’m very sure they’re stewing something up for 2010. The Gidi Culture story will be covered in inspitories very soon.

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