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February 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is my newest venture. The plan is simple – get into clothing for youths with a mature/unique sense of style. Everyone is making tees, so Suave Clothng is bringing style back. Watch out, it is set to be the unique shopping destination for the stylish youths and young professionals. The slogan, “I Am The Future”, says it all.

I Am The Future™

There’s a big difference between style and fashion. I believe fashion is most about what you buy – brand names and such, and keeping up is usually expensive. Style is an expression, an art form, if you will. Style is about mixing this and that to get a wow! Okay, I’m getting carried away. I think I’m understood.

Service will begin with the sale of accessories from luxury brands. I’m hopeful that soon enough, Suave Clothing’s line of bespoke dress shirts, pants and suits will be introduced. We will also offer wardrobe consultation services.

There also will be a biannual e-publication entitled The Suave Series. It will feature two versions – wSuave, for the ladies, and mSuave, for the gentlemen, released simultaneously in mid-January and mid-July every year. Let me re-emphasis that Suave Clothing and its publication are not about fashion. There are many fashion blogs out there on new trends, but ours will not be in that league. The topics will be educative and vary. Before being published, all articles will be edited and/or inspected for harsh content. The series will begin July 15th, 2010. Please follow this link to the blog. Please read, comment and subscribe.

Get ready for a revolution!

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