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If you saw watchmen, then you can’t deny it was awesome; and even better in IMAX! If you watched it and hadn’t read the book or comics (like me), you would have been pretty confused. Good thing I went to the movies with two people who had read both the book and comics.

I’m a movie buff and when I first thought of mixing 2 of my pleasures to make money, I was excited. It started with watchmen as you might have read already; and it went great! The watchmen buttons sold really well. We got orders from the UK, US and of course, Canada. I realized at the last-minute that I hadn’t looked for watchmen groups/pages on Facebook. Luckily, I discovered the official page for the movie as well as fan groups and pages for the individual characters: the Comedian, Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II. And of course, yours truly, uploaded photos of both buttons and advertised the buttons on all walls of all groups and pages I found relating to the watchmen on Facebook. I got a couple more orders from there as well. The Comic Stores loved the idea, but because I hadn’t received a written permission from Warner Bros or DC Comics, they would be taking a risk selling the buttons without permission – if they got discovered, they could face a lawsuit and possibly have their businesses shut down. I realized that may be I didn’t write both Companies in time. And I have learnt. All in all, I was fairly satisfied.

Now, I have my eye on Marvel Comics & Fox Entertainment, Paramount Pictures & CBS Studios Inc and PDI/DreamWorks SKG for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (May 1st, 2009), Star Trek (May 8th, 2009) and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (June 24th, 2009) respectively. Letters have already been drafted and sent to all Companies involved. The letters talk about Pearl Creations, the Products, Services, the idea, pictures of the proposed designs, marketing plans and licensing opportunity. These are all the proposed designs:

Now I’m just waiting for a reply.Lets wait and see!

In October, I”ll try to get McDonald’s and co involved with the 2 movies coming out – Where The Wild Things Are on the 16th.

This movie will be the third adaptation as it has been previously made into a short animation and an Opera. Now it is a live film presentation/movie. And on the 23rd, Astroboy. It was originally a Japanese manga series first published in 1952 and television program first broadcast in Japan in 1963.

And finally, for the teenage girls, Twilight Saga: New Moon buttons will be made available from October 19th…a month before its November 20th release. We’re going to just two with photos of the 2 heartthrobs: Edward Cullen and Jacob Black! We’re also going play a game from October 27th until November 21st called: Team Edward vs Team Jacob. Fans of Edward versus the fans of Jacob.

They will be sold until a week after they’re out in Cinemas; after which team which rocks will be announced…based on the highest number of buttons sold!

As you can see, I have 2009 on lock down! 😀

  1. Mz.Dee
    February 27, 2011 at 6:24 am

    I still don’t understand watchmen, but I can’t help smiling at your enthusiasm! You’re like a baby that just got candy.

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