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I first saw the trailer mid last year and event though I didn’t know who they were, I was completely blown. I tried not to get too excited cuz it was coming out in March 2009. When someone placed an order for watchmen buttons, I was surprised. I realized it wasnt just a movie after I did my research. Apparently, there was a movie in the late 90s and this is a remake. Apart from that, it was a DC comic series that was first published in the late 1980s so it is very popular too.

I wasn’t much a comic books lover growing up so I didn’t know them. I mean I bought and read the usual Spiderman, Superman and Batman Comics, but that was about it. Anyway, I made the buttons and gave it to the very satisfied young man.

While working on the Company’s accounts December last year. I came across the fellow’s order again. Curious, I looked up the design on the internet. It was described as the watchmen comic book logo.

The bloody minute-hand is guess signifies time.

Another trailer came out this year and I noticed a smiley button on the overcoat of the man who was thrown out the window. I also noticed it on their pistols, on ”The Comedian’s” (one of the Watchmen) costume, on the website’s favicon and at the end of both trailers. What more? It was totally different from the comic books’ version. This had a slight taint of blood on the upper left side.

Over in school and downtown, I noticed the buzz over this movie was incredible. I mean the trailer is mind-blowing…can’t blame them. Then it hit me! The watchmen wear buttons! If the buzz is this good, the demand for the buttons would be incredible as well. The last time, there was this much buzz was Spiderman 3 and Transformers. And lots of people went gaga! They bought and wore Spiderman 3 to the premieres. When transformers t-shirts came out, there was a rush too!

I decided to make both types! Some people like my 2008 Customer would appreciate the comic book version; and, some people like me who like the movie trailer, would like the movie’s version! My first plan of action was the contact Warner Bros and ask for rights to make buttons with the movie’s logo. I wrote to the Director of Still and Clips Licensing. Then I contacted and pitched the idea to Cineplex/Famous Players Cinemas, McDonald’s, AMC Cinemas (United Kingdom), Empire Theatres and Harkins Theatres (United States). Apart from McDonald’s who makes just toys, the others admired the idea :-D, but already had specific things they wished to do for the movie. They did commend and encouraged me to go ahead solo. And so I did!

I decided to make posters and post them all over town. I contacted a few friends who also decided to post 1 or 2 in their schools and college residences.

Just posted a couple of them around tonight…on bus stop sheds and light poles. I hope to be done by tomorrow evening. I also plan to get in touch with a few comic book stores. Then I’ll pray and watch what happens!
  1. seye
    February 20, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    I saw your comments on my blog, wanting me to support Pearl Creations. I have gone to your website and all…

    …and maybe I should say i am interested in doing a couple o buttons. So my questions…how much do you charge? Can I customize the look/shape of the buttons, how do I get it shipped down to Nigeria? Hit me as soon as you can. You can write send me a mail: seyekuyinu(at)yahoo(dot)com

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