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October 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Shortly after my moment of fame being in the local newspaper and all, I started putting buttons on my hoodies, t-shirts and later, on my School bag. I started with only the National Buttons. I put Nigeria, Canada and flags of countries whose nationals were quite a lot in Hamilton. For example, China, Italy, Kenya, Scotland, Somalia and Sudan.

One day, on my way to school, I boarded a bus and sat down. Since I hardly take my school bad off, the man behind trying to get my attention snapped my bag. I turned around and then he asked me if I was a Nigerian. Puzzled, I said yes and then he smiled. He said the reason he asked was cuz of the Nigeria button on my bag and then I smiled. He asked where I got it. And of course, i told him I made them. He asked how much I sold them. i told him $2.00CAD for the flag buttons. He asked if I had I think 5 or so. As God would have it, I did! Well, I did…including the one on my hoodie and bag respectively. I gave them to him and gave me $10.00CAD. He told me his name and said he was from the Niger-Delta Region; and I told him I was from Lagos. We shook hands and I had to bolt off to School. Because of that day, they’re still on my school bag still date along with some All-Me Buttons which attracts teenagers.

Another day, I sent to my bank to cash a cheque. When I got to the counter, I reached into my bag to get the cheque when the lady at the counter asked if I was Mr. Buttons. I was surprised and I said yes. And she was like wow! Great idea and then told the remaining tellers about me, the buttons and reminder them about the newspaper article. I was so shy and honored lol. Sadly, I didn’t have Switzerland buttons so no sales. I made Switzerland buttons after that, but I haven’t seen the lady since then. And now, even if I did, I wouldn’t recognize her 😦

As business progressed, I got another bag, a black Messenger bag, to use for carrying packages for delivery. 

In the beginning, I had just one or two buttons, but now, it’s packed with so many buttons, it’s ridiculous. I call it my Buttoned Messenger Bag.

Anyway, so I’m on the bus to school and some guy, a student as well, asks if me all the buttons on my bag are countries I have been to, I laughed and said no. He asked what countries they were and I told him. Then he gave me a free one that was like 2 inches. It said something about anti-racism, but it was cool. He didn’t know who I was, but said he would be calling me ‘Mr.Buttons’. What a coincidence! lol!

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