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I’ve been really busy for a while now, but I’m back! I didn’t realize I had faithful readers. Thank you for all your Qs lol…thanks though!

Updates? Yeah, fortunately, I went to the states for the holidays to chill, get a new perspective of things and of course, I didn’t go without my buttons. I had a batch of U.S.A. ones so I could expand my clientele. The whole buttons thingy was almost a totally bad idea eventually, but I’ll get to that.

When I went through customs/security, all in the name of being a good law abiding citizen, I declared the buttons. Accordingly, my box was run through the x-ray machine or whatever. Too bad the buttons looked like a big cluster of metal which must have been alarming, but weirdly, the officer didn’t even say anything. His colleague just gave me a slip and directed me to a special glass room. There, I discovered that image had alarmed the whole security team and I was interrogated a little while my box was searched thoroughly. When they didn’t find what they were looking for, they finally asked. I told them it was my buttons and showed them all 50 Ziploc bags of the buttons I had. All 6 or 7 of them felt so silly, I could tell. An Indian woman and Mexican guy wanted buttons, but they couldn’t get them while on-duty…shame. They apologized, put my stuff back and I went on my way.

Now back to my main story. After about a week of just chilling, I decided to start some form of advertising to inform people about my buttons cuz the 4th of July was coming up. I was already burnt I was going to miss Canada Day (July 1st) so I decided to make up for it with selling out on USA Day (July 4th).

My first step/point of action was to work on fliers and posters. The ones I came up with were very whack cuz all I had was information on the buttons on them. Later, I sort help and expert advice from my uncle. He’s an excellent professional advertiser so yeah, he was good for the “job”. He cancelled it and gave me some great ideas of the top of his head….I was astounded lol. He told me to try something like, “button up” for the caption, and then something like, “it’s the all-me & national buttons y’all…buttons so cool, you can’t be since without ‘em”. And being a sharp guy, I wrote those down. Next, he said I should play around with it by putting pictures of some of the buttons around the words to make it colorful and catchy.

With all the tips, I went to work. I made the poster and I was proud of myself lol. It took me almost all night but it was worth it eventually. I playfully wrote BuTtOn Up! in orange comic sans font, then “it’s the all-me & national buttons y’all…buttons so cool, you can’t be since without them”. Then put in the website and all that good stuff. I also threw in about 12 button pictures. I put the American, Canadan, Nigerian, Mexican and a couple other national button pictures. I also put in a couple of cute all-me buttons. It was really good, I think.

I showed my uncle, he liked it, but later we decided to take out the “y’all” ‘cuz it sounded too hippie. We didn’t want to get the attention of a certain group of people. I needed everybody to be interested.

We went to some store , called Office Max, and changed the posters (A4 size) into smaller posters/fliers (2/sheet). I got 200 of them for less than $20. The fliers were actually double-sided. On the reverse side, was a picture of an enlarged USA national button with the caption: “celebrate this 4th of July in style with USA national buttons!” I got my cousins and uncle to help with the distribution. We put them on doors, car windshields in parking lots etc. My uncle got embarrassed once ‘cos a car’s alarm went off once while he was helping me out and he quit lol. Well, for all the trouble, I went through walking under that hot Arizona sun, not a soul ordered one button. My only break through was at Wal-Mart, but since I wasn’t resident they weren’t interested anymore. And I forgot to get a reference from them to provide buttons to the ones here, but I doubt it though. It’s probably entirely different managers with entirely different goals and mindsets.

I left after about a month, and on my way back to Canada, I took a detour to Vegas. It was nuts, even the airport had slot machines lol. I gained two things during my vacation – a very good flier & poster design/format and lots of “encouragement”.

  1. Mz.Dee
    February 20, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    lol at your uncle and the car!!! i hate those alarm stuff too!
    lovely flier btw. I lyk the button up byline!

    That was some good luck you got in vegas o!!
    Hope more of it heads your way.

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